Problems We Solve

The Computer Guys are problem solvers first and your IT providers second.

How Can We Help Your Business?

What are your organization’s most significant IT challenges? The Computer Guys is in business to become your trusted resource and problem solver. Our technicians have a tenacity for not only resolving the obvious, common computer crashing problems, but also digging down and finding the cause of hardware problems affecting overall performance.

Our company has grown alongside the technological revolution, and we have experienced a lot of growth over the past two decades. By looking back at our experience, we can find the best solutions for your business going forward. We can correct system crashes and make sure everything is working properly, but your business deserves more than that. We offer services including:

Our help desk support is there to address concerns like your pc crashing or system file recovery, but the rest of our services are there to raise your productivity and increase your efficiency.

We can handle more than common computer problems.

The Computer Guys will optimize your operations.

Can You Help Us Manage Our Information Technology?

There are plenty of companies out there that have the same challenge as you, but it is essential to have a partner that entirely addresses your unique environment. The cost associated with staffing a full time IT department that serves all your organization’s needs is significant and sometimes out of reach. That’s when you call The Computer Guys.

We offer a free, straightforward assessment of your IT needs from top to bottom, explain the issues so you understand what needs to be done, what your problems are, and describe your options going forward so you can achieve your long-term goals. All potential costs and equipment expenses will be spelled out in total transparency, and we can provide additional options depending on what you need and want out of the investment in your IT infrastructure. Our Managed IT solution will provide hardware, software, installation, maintenance, and network monitoring. We can get things back to normal if you experience error messages, power supply issues, or hard disk failures.

How Can You Secure Computer Networks?

The threats to your computer systems are endless. Maintaining a solid defense against viruses and malware is an IT priority for any business. The Computer Guys can assess the many hazards to your network, and with a layered approach to security and intrusion prevention, we can give you the peace of mind of knowing your data is in capable and trusted hands so you can focus on your business and your customers.

Our Business Is Growing, How Can Our IT Grow With Us?

Your IT concerns may not only be in the here and now, but also years down the road as your business grows and faces new challenges. Many businesses have IT with no long-term vision or strategy. Our Virtual CIO services can help your company bridge that gap by helping you plan for your business’ growth and providing new technology. We can give a thorough assessment of your needs and help determine a logical plan to help you manage your infrastructure so that your IT fits into a bigger picture.

Our Servers Failed, How Can We Prevent This Disaster From Happening Again?

To protect and recover your data, The Computer Guys can help you implement a fail-safe backup plan and process to protect your vital data and reduce the cost of downtime. We can help you back up your data on-site or with cloud-based computing. Additionally, our team can verify that backups are running correctly with notices for drive failures or server problems. With our help, if something ever were to happen, we can come in and fix the issue promptly, so you aren’t risking valuable data being lost forever.

How Can Managed IT Services Reduce Our Costs?

In the modern world, information technology is a significant, but essential, expense to a business owner. There are hardware costs for desktops, laptops, tablets, firewalls, switches, and servers. These pieces have to be adequate for their task, well-maintained and replaced periodically. Also, there are software costs like anti-virus protection, operating systems, office, accounting software, and possibly even in-house proprietary programs. These all have to work together and be secure.

Other costs include staff training, software installation, and configuration. It is critical to the success of your business that each of these are appropriately supported and maintained. In the IT industry, this is referred to as the “total cost of ownership (TCO).” TCO is a comprehensive assessment of IT costs across the whole enterprise, which is measured over time. The best way to minimize the expense of your TCO is to plan ahead and proactively manage your IT infrastructure. This is exactly the kind of problem-solving that The Computer Guys will provide.

Providing superior managed services is about more than just telling you to restart your computer. The Computer Guys is here to help you achieve your objectives and build a brighter future for your business. Contact us today to learn more!