Bring Your Own Device Programs

Computer technology has taken root in both our professional and personal lives. It’s common for a person to have multiple internet and application ready devices on hand at any time including cell phones, tablets, and personal laptops.

As there are multiple ways to build a platform and income in the current digital economy, it’s likely that a job candidate may have sourced the technological equipment they need to succeed in your industry before finding a home in your workplace. This culture of personal technology investment can be a benefit to businesses that choose to create a Bring Your Device (BYOD) program.

BYOD policies can save businesses a ton of money, increase employee productivity, and create a more comfortable working environment. For instance, if a videographer already has their preferred laptop and tablet setup to produce stunning, studio-quality move clips, why make them adapt to a company device? They will tend to turn in better work more quickly when using a device that is geared to their personal work preferences. Consider the following benefits you can gain from implementing a BYOD program.


BYOD doesn’t just allow employees to bring their own smartphones or tablets into work and use them for business purposes. BYOD also enables employees to satisfy their home and work needs from the same device, which makes their lives a bit simpler. This greater flexibility from a BYOD plan also means that work that could normally only be done while being physically in the office or having company assets available can now be done from practically anywhere in the world.

Enhances productivity

By allowing workers the opportunity to use a device they are used to and more comfortable with, they can respond to requests faster, and are more comfortable working in their desired environment. They may also be more willing to work longer hours if given a measure of flexibility. This will lead to a significant increase in employee productivity overall.

Less stress on IT staff

With BYOD, employees are more responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the devices they personally own, so it lessens the strain on the IT staff. IT staff will not have to allocate the same amount of time or resources to fixing hardware concerns. With this benefit in hand, IT staff can focusing more on planning and development that clearing their board of help desk tickets.

A Happier Workforce

Adopting new policies that better represent and reflect the attitudes of the modern workforce makes both employees and employers happier. Companies that have adopted BYOD policies and allow or even encourage a certain degree of mobility have made jobs easier and work environments less stressful. Data and projects can be accessed on employee-owned devices from pretty much anywhere, so there’s considerably less pressure to be physically present at the office for the typical 8-hour workday or longer. For some occupations, such as programming, design, or copy writing, maintaining a quiet, focused, environment may be more conducive to completing projects than a face-to-face work environment.


As technology advances, so does work culture. Today’s digitally-based work culture looks vastly different from the paper-based offices of yesteryear. In the future, BYOD programs and telecommuting may become more common and even expected. If you have more questions about how to strengthen your workforce by using a BYOD program, reach out to The Computer Guys. Centrally located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, The Computer Guys are proud to offer a full MSP solution for all your business IT needs. For over 20 years we’ve helped the Detroit Metro area leverage their IT to help many industries. Contact us to see how we can help you today.