Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Strategy

There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of space to store valuable information for your business. Storage issues can cause work delays, miscommunications, and payment discrepancies when things get lost in translation. Utilizing TCG’s cloud migration services will help your office stay organized and on top of information. We offer hosted exchange and Microsoft SMB so your files are accessible and streamlined for optimum productivity.

For your business to remain ahead of the competition and provide quality care for all of your clients, your server needs to run efficiently and your data needs to be securely stored. TCG’s cloud migration services offer premium archiving power and cutting-edge data storage capabilities. Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be a hassle, our migration service helps your office improve functionality and sets your team up for future success.

Quotes for New and Existing Customers

We treat every project as if we were implementing it in our own office. Our team always strives to deliver personalized, affordable solutions that make the most sense for your specific environment. We offer comprehensive assessments for both new and existing clients and help them get on the right track for cloud migration by offering a variety of services.

Whether it’s detailing the scope of the project or offering consultation on how to further improve your IT infrastructure, TCG is here to provide clarity. Cloud Migration doesn’t have to be a hassle; with us, it’s a painless, cost-effective way to improve your business’ future.