Beaumont Health System

Do you have a plan in case there’s a disaster?

Are your electronic medical records secure? Have a backup plan just in case.

Whether you’re a large hospital or a small independent medical practice, your medical records need to remain accessible by doctors and secure from external threats to provide quality care. As a Beaumont Health Systems preferred IT vendor, we offer premium installation and IT support of Epic EMR for a fixed-rate monthly fee. We setup and maintain your computer infrastructure so that your electronic health records are accessible and secure. Your patients depend on you to keep their information confidential and secure from cybersecurity threats—make sure that you’re using a technology provider you can depend on by partnering with The Computer Guys.

Fault-Tolerant Solutions You Can Rely On

We began our involvement helping practices migrate to electronic records before ARRA funding ever existed and have continued since then to provide high-quality IT solutions for independent medical practices. Our initial work with Botsford Hospital and Ascension raised our profile as a name that medical centers and healthcare providers could count on to safely transfer and secure their medical records. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in Epic Systems, so that the IT solution we provide for your facility is HIPAA compliant and reliable in case of emergency. There’s a reason we’re one of Beaumont Health Systems preferred IT vendors—our solutions include:
• Offsite backup
• Failover internet access
• Remote and onsite service
• Business continuity solutions
• Risk-assessments
• Per-workstation and server cost (not overpaying for hardware you don’t have)
• Preventative Maintenance

What does your current backup solution look like?

If your medical records aren’t safe, you could be in serious trouble.

How Secure are Your Patient’s Medical Records?

You can’t afford to have your electronic medical records compromised. Fines for HIPAA violations are extremely costly, especially coupled with legal ramifications from patients. While Epic computer systems may seem difficult to navigate, it’s crucial that your medical care company abides by the rules and installs a fail-safe solution for your medical records. If you want to shore up your defense against cyber attacks and protect your electronic medical records, reach out to our team today for a solution you and your patients can always depend on.