HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance isn’t optional – it’s a costly requirement.

HIPAA Requirement Consultation

Protecting your practice from security breaches, burdensome fines, and any technological oversight is critical in providing quality healthcare for your patients. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that every practice abides by specific standards to continue operations. HIPAA requirements can often require a full-time manager to deal with the extensive rules and regulations. To remain on top of HIPAA law, TCG will help relieve your practice of the burden that comes with technological compliance.

Keeping up to speed with HIPAA requirements is a crucial aspect of saving your practice money from fines and avoiding making your patients lose their confidence in your team. Our consultation services help you prevent breaches, maintain compliance, and minimize the consequences that plague so many practices that aren’t up to date. Most medical businesses have difficulty allocating their resources toward HIPAA compliance due to their extensive nature and confusing guidelines. That’s where we come in—with over a decade worth of experience working with healthcare providers, we’ve learned how to effectively comply with HIPAA law and help your office avoid costly fines. Don’t let an entirely preventable issue set your practice back thousands of dollars; let our experienced staff put you in the best position going forward.

Only 31% of businesses are HIPAA compliant

According to the records of HHS.gov, a third of businesses weren’t HIPAA compliant in 2017.

Maintenance, Documentation, and Protection

So many practices fall short when working to meet HIPAA requirements due to a lack of resources and intimate knowledge of how the system works. The Computer Guys online training and tracking system documents your compliance efforts and helps to protect your business from a fine that could set back production and harm your practice. We provide an affordable, dependable consultation that helps your practice comply with HIPAA law and develop an infrastructure that promotes patient satisfaction.


To maintain compliance with both HIPAA and PCI DSS standards, your organization must meet or exceed specific benchmarks for safeguarding information. Complying with HIPAA and PCI DSS standards means eradicating the risk of fraud for both the transfer of health records and pertinent financial data, respectively. Meaningful risk assessments are provided by The Computer Guys’ skilled engineers to make sure that specific standards are met, and your patient’s information is kept confidential. We offer meaningful data backup and network design solutions for healthcare providers, so the transfer of such information is user-friendly and accessible by approved users. Our high-quality security solutions safeguard your company from having that information compromised, keeping your patient data secure and giving you, and your patients, peace of mind.