How to Choose the Right Cloud Environment

As business technology advances, cloud computing will become a more and more integral part to operations. Cloud computing is using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than solely using a local server or a personal computer. Cloud computing provides businesses with great benefits, including increased flexibility, agility, and technology scalability. But before a business rushes to migrate existing data structures to the cloud, the different types of cloud environments need to be considered. Mainly, cloud environments can be divided into public, private, and hybrid. This article will analyze each type of environment and provide pros and cons for each.

Types of Cloud Environments

 Public Cloud

With a public cloud model, users can access software and computing power without any worry about the deployment, customization, or maintenance of its cloud infrastructure. Since public clouds serve large user bases, they’re generally secure, cheap, and scalable. Although this model is convenient, it cannot be altered by business users, and information will be shared on the public network according to service provider policies. Businesses must consider whether sensitive information will be at risk when using public clouds.

Private Cloud

Private clouds are traditionally deployed within business enterprises. The basis of this model is that all infrastructure is setup in-house for a company’s own use. Private clouds offer complete control and can be configured for high security. Of course, a company maintaining a private cloud is subject to a greater amount of human error. Private clouds are also much more difficult to scale and are more vulnerable to disaster.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud marries the convenience of a public cloud and the security of a private cloud. This is an excellent solution for businesses that need to differentiate data which is too sensitive to host publicly, but also have data which must remain in-house. A hybrid cloud may also be used to create a fail-safe environment, where data is held both within their own infrastructure and outside of it. The use of a hybrid cloud offers a cost-effective solution for enterprises with complex needs.


Choosing a cloud environment can seem overwhelming at first. Consider the following questions can help narrow down your options: what data do you need to store? What software will be in the cloud? How many people and devices will be connected? What’s your budget? How critical is internet usage in relation to your essential operations?

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