Data Backup and Protection

Your data and files are important. Trust a business that knows how to keep your information safe.

Data Backup and Storage For Detroit Businesses

Are you aware of the daily risks to your company’s vital data and files? Would you know how to serve your customers if your computing system and all data associated with it were gone in an instant? Data backup is an important function of all server environments.

The data stored as a backup is a copy of the current and active operational state of files at the time of the backup. In the event of a catastrophe, you need to be up and running as soon as possible so you can continue your operations and meet your customer’s needs. This requires a long-term secure backup solution.

As part of our managed IT program, we will assess your storage needs and design a backup system that suits your organization. By creating a system that can reduce recovery time and get things back to normal, usually in less than a day, your business won’t encounter additional downtime. We also have experience in local storage and cloud-based storage options, depending on your business and preferences. Monitoring the backup data is a standard course of business, and you can be assured that when you partner with TCG we have you prepared in the event of a loss, allowing you to quickly pick up right where you left off.

If you lose all your files right now,

could your business continue seamlessly?

Why'd Your Data Go Missing?

We’ve found over years of business that many of the reasons are relatively easy to explain and fix.

Accidental Deletion – This is the most common data loss activity. Anyone with any experience in an office setting has done this; either deleting something without saving a recent copy or overwriting an important file. Usually, it results in the loss of an hour or two worth of work, but what if you accidentally deleted a month-long project?

Viruses and Damaging Malware – The word “virus” in the world of IT is a term that makes everyone shudder.  Unfortunately, is it a very real threat to every business and commercial computer networks worldwide are under threat of theft or damage to business data every day.

Mechanical Damages to Server Hard Drives – Once you have serious problems with your hard drive, there is no guarantee that your data can be recovered.