Network Security

Proper network protection will continuously keep your IT infrastructure safe.

A Multi-Layered Approach For IT In Detroit

The world of technology is always advancing. We are always learning about new tools and techniques to enhance the workplaces of our clients. Unfortunately, that also means that the cyber threats out there are always advancing as well. There are a multitude of ways that someone can gain access to your system if they are determined enough. Comprehensive network enterprise security requires a layered approach with multiple levels of protection.

Our network security services use many tools that will strive to keep you and your systems free from security threats. Our security solutions will provide a dependable wall of defense around your most sensitive data. Many IT businesses and managed service providers offer these same tools, but ours will be tailored to your business and its operations.

  • Firewall- We have partnered with SonicWALL Firewall Systems, a cutting-edge technology that prevents security breaches. We utilize this software to offer custom-fitted protection that will match the volume of your network resources, traffic, and day-to-day needs. An effective firewall will prevent threats like ransomware, phishing email attacks, and cryptolocker over your wireless network.

  • Anti-Virus- The presence of cyber threats like malware is only continuing to grow. While you cannot depend solely on anti-virus software for complete protection, it is still an integral part of your defense from intrusion. The Computer Guys will make sure that all of your equipment and users on your network will have up-to-date anti-virus software and continue to patch any future problems in real-time.
  • Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection- This is an automated intrusion prevention system (IPS). It acts as an additional layer of defense that will detect and respond automatically to any behavior that falls outside of regular system operation. This allows for your web security precautions to jump into action before you ever knew there was a problem.   

Don’t settle for inferior security measures.

Superior network protection will work continuously to keep your IT infrastructure safe.  

Your Security Must Adapt To Your Threats

There are many professional safeguards that we can put in place to protect your systems, but when you partner with a managed service provider (MSP) like The Computer Guys your business will get more than precautions. You will gain access to our collection of services and the comprehensive protection they provide.

24/7 Monitoring And Alerts

  • You might clock out at the end of the day and go home, but your network does not. Your network and systems need constant attention because the threats aren’t going away and they don’t clock out either. The precautions we implement will stay alert at all hours.

Cloud-Based Computing

  • Cloud services offer a lot of advantages for any business, but security is highest among them. Cloud security is maintained by a professional network administrator and with the latest tools in the industry.

Data Backup And Protection

  • Even when you take every precaution and put all of the safeguards in place, there can still be threats that slip through the cracks. Professional data backup is there to support the continuity of your business when your security falters. We will be able to restore your data and service from the backups at any time.

All Threats Are Not External

Throughout many industries, the majority of data breaches start as an innocent mistake by an employee who mistakenly clicked the wrong link or responded to a malicious false email. This kind of cyber attack is known as social engineering. Hackers will manipulate innocent employees into exposing their business through mobile devices, remote access, or any of the other ways they access your network. This type of threat can be mitigated by using security monitoring solutions like the ones offered at The Computer Guys.

  • Content-filtering software
  • Blocking of certain sites that present malware or passive intrusion threats.
  • Prevent time-wasting or inappropriate website access

We believe that your business deserves to have its hardware and software protected. Your employees should feel safe on your private network and in your workplace. The Computer Guys will defend your business with a network security plan that will adapt to new threats as they come and remain flexible for future advances in technology.

Contact us today to learn more about our network security services and everything The Computer Guys have to offer. We can give you the peace of mind knowing that you protected both internally and externally.