PCI Compliance

Many companies think they are PCI Compliant…but are you?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

For any business that deals with credit cards or cardholder data, PCI compliance is a crucial part of operating your business. Maintaining your compliance protects you from fines, penalties, and possible legal action against your company. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards that were designed to make sure that all companies who accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure operating environment.

All of these precautions and safeguards were put in place to protect consumers and companies from threats like data breaches and theft. Enforcing these data protection standards ultimately protects us all by instilling a need for effective security. Meeting PCI compliance requirements help keep your customers safe and protect the integrity of your business.   

As an organization, the safety of your IT is only a part of conformance. You should have a complete standard of security in place and maintain a policy that addresses information security so that all requirements are met. We simplify the PCI Compliance requirements to make it easier for you. We begin with a checklist that helps us determine what you already have in place:

  1. Determine your compliance “Level”
  2. Complete the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionaire (SAQ) 
  3. Attestation of Compliance (AOC)
  4. Submitting the Documents

Even if you miss one month of PCI Compliance,

You could be fined $10,000!

PCI Compliance Requirements In Michigan

Who Does PCI DSS Compliance Apply To?

These standards apply to any organization, regardless of size or number of transactions, that accepts, stores, or transmits cardholder data.

What Are The Consequences For Violating PCI?

The exact consequences will be different depending on your violation and the duration of the time of non-compliance. However, your business can face severe fines, penalties, and legal action. In some cases, you can be fined up to $10,000.  

How Can I Remain PCI Compliant?

For many people and companies, the rules of PCI compliance are sometimes confusing and challenging to understand as the rules differ from state to state and from one industry to another. The Computer Guys can be your PCI compliance manager for all of your IT concerns. We can help you maintain compliance whether you choose to store your information in the cloud or on your own local servers.

The Advantage Of Being A Computer Guys Partner

There are many benefits to being a Computer Guys partner, but when it comes to your PCI compliance, the most significant advantage is the peace of mind you’ll gain from placing your trust in us. Once you have hired us for our managed services, we’ll already be in charge of preventing security breaches; restricting access to cardholder data is just one more part of those security concerns.

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that we are protecting cardholder data and your business from compliance violation. This is one more way that The Computer Guys can set up your business for a brighter future. Security and compliance will both function when maintained over an extended period of time; each one requires the high-quality maintenance and continuous monitoring you’ll get from a managed service provider like us.  

Our core values are hard work, professionalism, and experience. We are a client-focused business, and the challenges of your industry are our challenges as well. Contact us today to learn more about all of the services we offer and how The Computer Guys can support the success of your business by maintaining PCI compliance.