Server Virtualization

Server virtualization can improve your computing power and save you money!

Virtualizing Your Servers

If your company has an existing server, more than likely it was a pricey investment. In previous commercial use, each server is dedicated to a specific application or task, and only a small part of its processing capability is used. This means you aren’t getting the most out of its computing power. What’s worse, as your business grows, and your network and computing needs require more and more dedicated servers, your data center will be crowded with servers, all generating heat and consuming power, using only a fraction of their capabilities.

This may sound like a very inefficient system to you, and it is. But by using specially designed software from VMware, TCG can partition one server into multiple virtual machines each running its own operating system and dedicated to a specific task. This concept, called server virtualization, has been around for years as computer scientists have been partitioning supercomputers for decades. While the technology is relatively new for commercial servers, most business owners with complex and extensive computing needs have turned to some form of virtual private server.

Server Virtualization Benefits

Lower hardware expenses, reduced energy, improved efficiency, and program testability.

Server Virtualization Benefits

Some of the direct benefits that server virtualization can bring to your organization are:

  • Lower Hardware Expenses – With fewer physical servers, you’ll need less hardware. Less hardware means less maintenance and repair, leading to significantly fewer costs.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption – All of your physical servers require energy to run them, to cool them, and keep them at optimal operating temperature.
  • Improved Daily Efficiency – Each virtual server will produce the same output as one physical server. Also, you will minimize IT-related downtime.
  • Reduced Downtime – In the event your server needs an upgrade or repair, virtualization allows ease of failover without needing a timely rebuild.
  • Ability To Test Programs – With virtualization, it takes less time to deploy new applications and distribute workloads. Since each virtual machine is a separate computing environment, it is the perfect situation for testing programs or new processes.

As part of our managed IT program, we can help you assess your virtual computing needs. If you have multiple servers or outdated hardware, server virtualization can make a big difference in how your business computes. Forecasting the need for more computing power as your company expands, virtualization can help you grow your infrastructure quickly and with a minimum of investment. Your small business can function similar to a large corporation, which will improve your infrastructure long-term.