White Hat Hacking: What You Need To Know

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When most people think about “hacking”, they associate the term with theft, identity crisis, and all sorts of cybercrimes. There’s no other way around it because computer hacking is a very serious matter. This type of activity invades computer networks and can impose significant danger on critical infrastructure. While there’s no escaping the inevitable, hacking can also be used as a productive form of penetration testing.

Today, many businesses practice some form of white hat hacking. This is a hacking method used to find vulnerabilities in computer systems. White hat hackers aren’t malicious hackers. They are computer specialists who are experts in all aspects of penetration testing. Commonly referred to as an ethical hacker, these professionals are hired to break into your network and identify sensitive areas that need better protection.

White hat hacking is a strategy used to help businesses grow. These are some of the main reasons why your company should consider adopting a white hat hacking approach:

This is an Ethical Practice

Shockingly there is such thing as an ethical hacker. This is a trained computer specialist that has all the same skills as typical cybercriminals. On the contrary, white hat hacking professionals exploit all the vulnerabilities on your infrastructure. They are looking for opportunities to improve your network and help you develop a sharper, overall computer solution.

White Hat Hacking is a Game of Chess

When you practice white hat hacking, you are initiating a competition between your IT department and the hacker themselves. When a hacker enters a network, they are on a mission to break into the computer system. IT managers are doing everything needed to stop this invasion. This establishes a win-win situation for all members involved. Your IT department will open up a strong layer of defense, while hackers will discover vulnerabilities that need to be improved upon.

You Must Be a Trained Professional

White hat hackers are experienced security professionals. People pursuing these types of career paths possess a special kind of talent. White hat hackers have extensive computer science and information technology backgrounds. They are IT professionals with special certification grants from the EC Council. Simply put, not everyone can become a white hat hacking professional.

Helps in Developing the Perfect System

Ethical hacking is a great way to sharpen your computer infrastructure. Before you implement any computer system, pen testers will test out the system’s defense layer. This gives you the chance to patch up vulnerabilities before the computer system is completely finalized and implemented for your operation.

Superior Cybersecurity Protection

Utilizing this hacking strategy gives your IT department more exposure to certain cyber attacks. Hackers can gain access into your network from seamlessly any angle. Practicing a penetration test shows you what areas need more cushioned layers of protection. This can help your company prevent future risks of data breaches while helping protect sensitive information in the process.