Hosted Private Cloud

Increased accessibility for authorized users protects your data.

Benefits of a Private Cloud Hosting Company

When it comes to protecting your valuable information, there’s no more secure solution than private cloud hosting. Separate from other businesses with optimal storage and ultimate accessibility, The Computer Guys’ private cloud hosting services are hosted in a fault-tolerant data center. With a water suppression system, multiple internet connections, and extensive backup power generation capabilities, you can be sure that your cloud service can withstand even the toughest test. The Computer Guys partners with a colocation data center in Michigan to deliver high-quality private cloud hosting solutions.

Private Cloud Benefits

 The Computer Guys’ private cloud hosting solutions are customized to meet your company’s specific requirements. Private cloud environments provide clarity, security, and accessibility like you’ve never experienced before. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Legacy application integration via remote desktop servers to improve transition
  • Increased accessibility for specific users—it’s never been easier to keep the data you need close to you
  • Improved security due to the exclusivity of a private cloud system
  • Energy-efficient data backup—no more over-allocating an outdated system with a task it can’t handle
  • Personalized cloud hosting for increased reliability and improved system longevity
  • Scalable offerings that drive down costs

Top Security, Cost-Effectivness, and BDR

Get it all with a private hosted cloud!

Why The Computer Guys?

With decades of experience servicing a broad variety of companies, The Computer Guys team knows how to find the right solution to help your office reach their potential. We understand that every workplace has different goals—the only universal thing about our service is the quality of care we offer our clients.

We offer personalized solutions that are specific to what you want to accomplish, whether it’s growing your business, increasing the security of your IT, or finding a more cost-effective solution for your hardware and software. If you want to improve your IT Solutions, reach out to our team today. With customized private cloud hosting services for your practice or business, you can be sure that the solution we provide perfectly aligns with the goals you’ve set for your company.