24/7 Monitoring and Alerts

Protect your network even while you sleep.

Who’s watching your network when you sleep? TCG monitors and offer network support that will continue to keep your business running smoothly. Our proprietary software oversees your systems 24/7 and alerts us when something has gone wrong

There’s nothing more frustrating than calling a help desk and explaining your issue to someone who doesn’t understand your system or doesn’t know how to offer a solution. That’s why when you call The Computer Guys for network support, you get an expert. All of our support team is local and has experience with remotely accessing your network at a moment’s notice, so we can see exactly what you are experiencing.


Proactive monitoring, providing:

Alerts, patches, and the peace-of-mind that your IT network is safe.

Anti-Virus Protection and Monitoring

Virus intrusion is never a 9-5 issue. That is where our remote monitoring and off-site patching comes into play. Our remote management tools alert our team f something’s in need  of a patch or update and take the necessary steps to fix the issues. Our goal is to fix your problem before you realize there is one. This proactive approach proves time and time again that our team has your best interests in mind and is using the best hardware and software for your unique needs and budget.


Benefits For You

When we do a great job of monitoring your network, we both win! Your network will continue functioning smoothly and work in the way you need it to and we will prevent time consuming projects caused by outstanding viruses and issues. We are available to fix any issues remotely or in person, but when we are proactive, we take a backseat and ensure your IT continues to work right.

It’s easy to see how our 24/7 monitoring and support gives you the best of both worlds – proactive support and immediate support when needed. Get the continuous monitoring and alerts your business needs to keep working properly, all at one low monthly price.